Play Lottery at Home with Online Keno

Everybody loves to play the lottery. The game of bingo has traditionally been very popular for many years. Today, online keno seems to be the game of choice. Why? Maybe this is because; online keno combines both the old school lottery and Bingo, the game traditionally popular with senior citizens. Yet online keno is anything BUT a game for old people – people of any age can play it (and do play it) and enjoy it. What online keno does is take all the excitement of a classic bingo or lotto game, but with the fantastic software often used by today’s web casinos, brings in the atmosphere of crazy fun excitement only felt in Vegas land casinos. So really, online keno is a combination of the classic, traditional Bingo and lottery fun, teamed with today’s top casino gaming software. You have the ease of a game (online keno) requires no skill, but all the fun of Vegas…and in the comfort of your own home.

How to Play Online Keno

Each player chooses anywhere between 1 and 20 numbers. They mark these numbers on their keno card. The keno card has 80 numbers (1-80) and if any of the player’s marked numbers come up, they win. Obviously the more numbers they choose the greater their chance of winning, but then the payouts change too. One would be best advised to check out the various casinos and see what the payout schedule is ahead of time, so they can determine how many numbers they want to mark and what kind of gamble they want to take. Every web casino and online keno game is different.

Pros and Cons of Online Keno

The house edge in online keno is generally much higher than other online games (each casino again is different). However, with online keno the house edge is usually significantly lower than with the land based version of the game, so this is definitely something worth looking in to. Also, with all games of keno, no skill or major calculated thinking is needed. So one has to decide what they are in the mood for: a game that requires no thinking and is pure and simple fun but that is harder to win, or one that requires skill and calculation but has a lower house edge. Different strokes for different folks and times.